Vote Yes on November 3 for Ballot Question 3 to purchase the Sudbury section of the CSX rail corridor, a critical component to completing the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail through Sudbury.

It will provide direct access to retail businesses, athletic facilities, recreational areas, and schools. Purchasing this land will protect our
drinking water supply, and will prevent another utility corridor from coming through the heart of Sudbury – avoiding the expensive litigation that has plagued the east-west rail corridor. Think of the rail trail as a 21.5 mile linear park that all residents can enjoy, from Sudbury to Lowell.


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The CSX Corridor


Description and Map

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Q & A


Questions and answers about the acquisition.

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This is a unique opportunity to make Sudbury stronger, more livable, and protect our vital resources for generations to come. Vote yes to purchase the CSX land.

Supported by

Senator Eldridge, Senator Barrett, Representative Gentile, Statement of Support (PDF); Sudbury Conservation Commission (2008), Planning Board, Land Acquisition Review Committee, Finance Committee, and Select Board.

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